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Qs: If you’re a girl, which member wouldn’t you date?
They found out later that Jongup heard the question wrong LMAO

I can imagine them when they got home after recording this. All five of them are super exhausted, obviously, and while Daehyun and Youngjae go to bed pretty much straight away, Jongup has to wash his face after Himchan destroyed it made him pretty. (Junhong would’ve gone home and had to explain to his mother quite what happened.) 

So Jongup’s in the bathroom, washing at his face with cleanser to try and get that god-awful pink off of it, and trying to see if he can rid himself of the glitter before it finds its way into every corner of his life, and Himchan comes in. He leans against the door frame and watches, arms folded over his chest.

“So you wouldn’t date me if you were a girl, huh?” Jongup looks up at him and wipes the water from his eyes.

“Nope. You’d have no idea how to take care of a girl.” He says with a straight face. He runs his finegrs through his wet hair and pushes it back. Himchan quirks an eyebrow.

“You seem to think I’m pretty good at taking care of you now.” He argues, pushing off the frame and taking a step closer.

Jongup shrugs and bends over the sink again, giving his face another scrub, “I’m not a girl.” He says. 

Himchan’s hands find his hips, with his thumbs nudging just beneath his shirt to rub at the muscles that must be so tired after the exhausting work they’d all been doing recently, “But you admit I’m a good boyfriend.” He teases.

Again, Jongup straightens up and this time he laughs, turns his head, steals a kiss, “I misheard the question anyway. You know I’d always choose you.”